Working with Buyers is exciting and dynamic, however, I think its important to point out a few small steps Buyers need to take, to prepare themselves for the big step of buying a home. 

 When people decide to sell, it comes with a lot of responsibility. Especially when the sign goes up and the listing goes live on the MLS. All of a sudden, their home has to be 'show home ready', for people coming to view their house at any minute. PLUS, they have to be ready to leave their home, often with kids and dogs at the drop of a HAT. Its stressful, to say the least. 

  So as good, prudent Buyers, it's important to come to see homes, prepared to buy. 

  To buy a house, you need a team. You need lots of folks to get behind you and support you through this next phase. 

  The first team member you need to find is: A mortgage broker or a specialist. These people not only help you get a mortgage, they also help you sort out your financial life. Every factor of your file, can affect whether or not you can or can't get a mortgage. So don't take this step for granted. 

  Next, you'll need a lawyer or a notary, then someone who provides insurance services  and a home inspector. 

  Sometimes you need more people on your team to help you buy!

  I help my Buyers through this whole process. Kind of like the team captain! I help to arrange these team members to do what each buyer needs and ensure that Buyers are informed and knowledgable about the process of purchasing. Information is everything and having a knowledgable team makes all the difference. 

Helping YOU find home.... 



  You have successfully completed the first step in purchasing your home and have an accepted conditional offer. Now we have to take the steps to satisfy these conditions, so you can purchase your home. Here is a run down on the process of removing your subject conditions and the people we need to help us do just that. 


  This is the time to connect again with whomever you’re working with, to acquire financing. It’s important to communicate with them often, to ensure that they have all the necessary information, to get you the financing you want, for your new property. 

  Here are some local mortgage brokers and specialists, that I enjoy working with and have shown my clients exceptional service.

Ashley Graham - TD Mortgage Specialist

Jeremy Schaffner - Invis Mortgages Broker

Dawn Stephanishin - Invis Mortgages Broker

Bronwyn Watson - CIBC Mortgage Specialist


  You will need to schedule a home inspection quickly, after acquiring an accepted offer. Home inspectors are in high demand right now and its important to have one lined up, for a date close to your Subject Removal date. 

  This way you can be sure that your financing has been approved before you pay for an inspection. If anything changes and you do not proceed with the purchase, we can cancel the home inspection. It should also be a day that you can be at the home as the inspector prefers to present the home inspection to you and show you the specific areas of the home and property that are highlighted and referenced in the report.

Mike Mueller 

Canadian Residential Inspection Service

(250) 307-9404


Roger Lee

Home Pro Inspections
(250) 309-1029

Rob Greenaway 

Harmony Home Inspections